Early Morning

It’s Friday. A cool 36 degrees as I take Jewel and myself out for our morning walk. Just around the block but it is the best time of the day. Before sunrise, very little traffic. The air is clean, the moon is above the clear sky as the stars begin to fade in the sky. Wearing my old LL Bean jacket, walking down the road kicking pine cones as I ponder the day ahead. Take the kids to school, feed the horse, and then off to work for a few hours. Although it is my Friday off, the work never seems to end. The paperwork piles up. I wonder if it will ever get any easier, knowing that it has not after 28-plus years. Don’t get me wrong I still have fun at work. Lately it seems more headaches and challenges than science, but it keeps me going.

Not sure where this adventure will take me. I thought about that on my walk. For the moment, I think it will be my daily musings of thought that I have on my morning walk with Jewel. Lots of ideas running through my head. Didn’t jot them down, but we will get to them as the writings continue.

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